Amsterdam Titles 2016


Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity. These are the words that make up the largest international technology conferences in the world. I had the privilege to work alongside the W+K team with Peiter Hergert as Director and develop and animate typography for the 2016 FITC Amsterdam Title Sequence.


Project Credits
Director: Peiter C Hergert
Sound Design & Music: John Black | CypherAudio
Principal Female: Anne Schuyler-Moon
Commissioned by: FITC
Production & Design Support: W+K Motion | W+K Studio
Producers: Sarah Gamazo | Michael Gersten | Peiter C Hergert
1st Assistant Director: Daniel Moreno
Director of Photography: Jeredon OConner | Ada Nikolaidis
1st Assistant Camera: David Potter
2nd Assistant Camera: Daniel Moreno
Set Design & Construction: Peiter C Hergert | Kimberly Lynn Hergert | Karen Koch | Katie McHugh | James Aloysius
Editor: Peiter C Hergert
VFX Supervisor: Ada Nikolaidis | Daniel Moreno
Wardrobe Stylist, Hair & Makeup: Karen Koch | Katie McHugh | Kimberly Lynn Hergert
3D Animators: Daniel Moreno | Mark Lundgren | Carlos Enciso | Peiter C Hergert
Animators: Daniel Moreno | Alex Bernard | Carlos Enciso | Peiter C Hergert
Typography Design: Alex Bernard
Title Animation: Alex Bernard